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Gulfa Mineral Water 038 Processing Industrial Company GULFA

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Gulfa Mineral Water 038 Processing Industrial Company GULFA

Gulfa Mineral Water

Gulfa first made its splash when it was established in 1975 in the United Arab Emirates, and became the first bottled brand of mineral water in the GCC. Since then it has maintained its position as the country’s favorite mineral water, and continues to be one of the leading brands in the Middle East, even today. In fact, in addition to neighboring countries like Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordon and Syria, the brand is also exported to Djibouti, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malta and the UK where it is enjoyed by mineral water drinkers seeking quality and reassurance.

The processes employed at the Gulfa Mineral Water factory ensure that the water meets international standards for purity and freshness. The plant’s current production capacity is at 8 million cartons per annum. The Gulfa Water Company is a certified organization and applies the ISO 9001:2008 quality system along with HACCP:2006 standard for the processing, manufacturing and supply of natural mineral water.

Gulfa Corporate Information

Gulfa has been on the Dubai Financial Markets listing since April 2007. With total assets of 53 million AED, and a 120-man team of dedicated professionals, the company delivers not just an outstanding product to its customers, but also an outstanding investment opportunity to shareholders. Our major shareholders are the Kuwait Food Company (Americana) and Arab Gulf Food staff and Central Markets.

Water Treatment

Drinking water is a very personal product – People are extremely particular about what they put into their body system. It is, therefore, particularly important that customers are satisfied with their choice of drinking water and that they are able to trust what they drink and what they bring home to their families. In this section we will allow you at least a brief idea of the lengths that we at Gulfa go to bring you the water our customers have grown to love and trust.

Gulfa Mineral Water is drawn from an underground base of rocks from the Gulfa Natural Springs located in Masfout, Ajman, in the UAE. This natural source has flowed undisturbed for centuries, producing some of the finest water in the country. The water emerges naturally enriched with minerals, and sparkling with revitalizing purity and taste.

From the springs, the water is then transported to the Gulfa factory where it undergoes three different vigorous processes designed to maintain its natural purity and goodness. Gulfa employs thorough and state-of-the-art methods to ensure Gulfa standards and quality. The water is first filtered by micro-filters and then passed through an ultraviolet radiation process that further disinfects it. This eliminates any unwanted bacteria that might be present at that point.

A process known as ozonation is then applied, and this gives Gulfa a charge of oxygen which ensures the continuous and ongoing protection of the water. More specifically, ozonation causes unstable gases to be changed to oxygen which eliminates the growth of bacteria and increases the shelf life without affecting the taste of the water. Aside from enriching Gulfa with oxygen, this filling process guarantees a safer, healthier and longer lasting spring water.

After filling, the water bottles are capped automatically and stamped with the date coding machine with production date, time and expiry date. They are then transported to a packing machine that places the bottles into carton boxes and sends them via conveyor belt to the palletizer. Before being stacked into pallets, the cartons are again stamped with the production date.

Boxes are then stacked automatically on the pallets and stored at the Gulfa warehouse where they await to be released from the QC Department (Quality Control Division).

All machines included from the beginning of the process right up to the end are synchronized together so that operations run as smoothly and as effectively as possible.

The factory also holds a separate line equipped with a thermoforming machine for PET Cups. These spring water cups are automatically covered with hygienic aluminum foil and packed in carton boxes with the production date and time stamped on them. The machine is completely automatic and no part of the process requires human intervention.

Gulfa spring water is tested and closely monitored at every stage of the factory process to ensure the consistency, high quality and absence of harmful bacteria in every bottle and cup of spring water. From the original source at the Gulfa Spring all the way up to the bottles in storage at the Gulfa warehouse, samples are randomly selected on an hourly basis to check quality through the use of chemical and bacteriological analysis laboratories.

The introduction of the new hygienic PET Bottles has made Gulfa Spring water even better, and the difference between this innovation and the use of dated PVC bottles used previously is obvious. By importing state of the art bottling machinery from Germany and France, Gulfa guarantees that its bottles are the most advanced and efficient the industry has to offer. All of these advancements, needless to say, go a long way towards bringing better and better drinking water to homes of our customers.

Poly-Ethylene Tetrapthalate or PET has been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the USA) and is used heavily in the medical industry due to its non-toxic properties and its ability to be reused and/ or recycled.

The new PET Bottles are clear and strong, and therefore do not break or leak if dropped, and do not taint the contents with an undesirable plastic taste.

Gulfa Mineral Water products are all extracted, purified and bottled in accordance with international quality standards. Each of our names symbolizes excellence in the bottled water market, and our customers have grown to both love and trust the brands we produce. In addition to Gulfa and Viva, we also produce customized mineral water in accordance with the demands of our corporate and business clients. By maintaining high standards at our end, we ensure that our clients are able to maintain their names and reputations in front of their clients.

Corporate Office

Our Corporate Office and Factory details are listed below for information

Gulfa Mineral Water

P.O. Box 929
Ajman United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 (6) 7407100
Fax: +971 (6) 7401900

Masfout, Ajman.
Tel: +971 (4) 8522421
Fax: + 971 (4) 8522900
E.mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dubai, UAE United Arab Emirates
Ajman United Arab Emirates

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