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Frey Wille of Emirates Mall

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Frey Wille of Emirates Mall
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Frey Wille of Emirates Mall
Precious pieces of jewellery are lovingly crafted, communicating a special attitude of life, unique in the material and individually wearable. Frey Wille believes in taking interest in the studies and principals of people; exploring emotion and dedicating time to capturing these complex and delicate feelings in pieces of jewellery. This is the Frey Wille philosophy. We all feel. We each experience an array of emotions every day. Employing so many employees worldwide, it is this common understanding of humanism, and the way we channel our cherished ideology through fine jewellery, which connects us all. Hope is a wish to avoid misfortune, fear and adversity. Itв's a prayer for the better; a positive vision in essence and purpose. ‘Hopeв' is the new collection by Frey Wille. The artist Klimt was inspired by hope, and explored its meaning and its effect throughout his golden-phase. The celebrated painting, ‘Hope IIв', which Klimt used to express one of mankindв's most powerful emotions, was the inspiration behind this new and rejuvenating collection.В  The essence of the artwork - the rich colors, the freehand designs, and the astute use of symbolism have been explored and channeled by the Frey Wille team, creating an intense, modern interpretation of ‘Hopeв'. Through color, we feel. Through hope, we dream. The ‘Hopeв' collection represents an optimistic outlook for the future; a spiritual, earthly message to surround you with love.

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Shopping Mall Emirates Mall
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Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE United Arab Emirates
Emirates Mall, Dubai, UAE


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