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Akhavan Tabbakh Trading of Wafi Center

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Contact Contact in Wafi Center: 04 327 9004
Akhavan Tabbakh Trading of Wafi Center
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Akhavan Tabbakh Trading of Wafi Center
Akhavan Tabbakh Trading is located on the upper level of Egyptian quarter. Akhavan Tabbakh Trading offers Saffron and Dry fruits. What if we tell you the secret behind being a good chef? Believe it or not one of the main factors in cooking is using right spices , With Saffron the most luxuries spice in the world you can make every dish into an exotic one with best look, smell and taste. Now its time to celebrate NAAB's best deal and get 10 gram of the most expensive spice in the world for free on every purchase of 40 gram . What is Saffron? One of the best spices in the world derived from the dried stigma of saffron flower is the saffron spice. This spice is considered as a golden spice as it can not only be used in cooking to add an aroma to food, turning any dish into an exotic one, it can also be beneficial to a number of health problems. It is used as medicine from ancient times. This spice is special and a precious spice as it has numerous health benefits which can help in the enhancement of one' s overall well being. Apart from the magical health benefits, Saffron has been used as a mood booster and unti depressing ingredient of all time . What makes NAAB Saffron so special? Treasured for its golden-colored ,pungent stigmas, Saffron cultivation is a particular Iranian agricultural product whose method or producing and preserving used to be an unspoken secret for many years in the hearts of the Iranian farmers. Due to the long experience with the cultivation ,and the transfer of methods of growing and harvesting from person to person ,Our saffron has managed to keep its distinctive qualities in comparison to others Which explains why NAAB saffron enjoys such an exceptional recognition for its fragrance, flavor and color.

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Shopping Mall Wafi Center
Shop Level Location souk 1st floor


Umm Hurair 2, Dubai, UAE United Arab Emirates
Wafi center, Dubai, UAE


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