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E Movers


E-Movers is the largest home and office relocation company born in UAE. It was established in 2003 by a team of professionals with the vision to usher excellence in the hitherto disorganized and chaotic relocation services in Dubai.

Over the last decade E-Movers has served with distinction individual as well as large organizations helping them to move homes and offices with ease and efficiency. It has time and again proved that moving can be a ‘No Mess No Stress’ experience if done right.

E-Movers opened their first international office in Qatar in 2011 after having expanded to Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi in the earlier years. The opening of the first international office reflects the growing economic prominence of Doha in the middle-east region and an acknowledgement of opportunities breeding in Qatar.

Starting out as a local moving company E-Movers has expanded the portfolio of its services to include international relocation, furniture installation and reconfiguration as well as short and long term storage facilities’.

E-Movers built its business with a single-minded focus to relieve customers from the tension and stress of moving. The company plans each move meticulously and has a time-tested process that is diligently followed by its experienced and trained crew under the supervision of a project supervisor. Each move is a shared responsibility with the customer to ensure that the move is carried out quickly and with minimum disruption. Meeting deadlines and sticking to schedule is possible because of our large pool of manpower and fleet of trucks.

We take pride in the loyal list of customers that we have served over the decade. Our customers include individuals, families, private enterprises, government institutions and international aid agencies. The unflinching trust of our existing customers contribute 70% of our annual business making as perhaps the moving company with the highest fidelity index.

We strive to exceed customer expectations, and each day we inspire our team to stay true to our motto No Mess. No Stress


-Home Relocation
-Office Relocation
-International Office and Home Relocation

Home Relocation

Moving home has always been associated with tension and fear of breaking and losing precious furniture and personal effects but this is no longer true thanks to E-Movers’ professionally managed home moving services.

We are different from other ‘fly-by-night’ freelance operators because we have our employees, our own trucks and our own equipment. Our people are trained and we have a time-tested process that ensures that we adhere to promised schedules and complete our work with speed, accuracy, safety and most importantly with care.

Office Relocation

Moving office is an ordeal that many office administrators dread never happens, but thanks to E-Movers certified Office-Relocation-Process, office administrators may now use the successful moving of office as an excuse to rake up a promotion.

We have a large fleet of trucks and trained manpower backed by time-honed processes and checklists to move not just a small office but entire buildings within a matter of days . True to our motto of ‘No Mess No Stress’ we move your office with the minimum of disruption and tension.

International Office and Home Relocation

Our integrated international office and home relocation services include:

Origin Services:

Survey : We make a physical survey of the inventory that needs to be moved to a new destination to ascertain the packing and customs clearance requirements.

Estimate : We provide a clear and accurate estimate of the cost of moving keeping in mind the scope of expected services.

Dismantling & Packing : We pack the goods appropriately to ensure safe handling during loading, transit and unloading. Care is taken while packing to ensure that it can be easily re-assembled at the destination.

Loading into the container : Our project co-ordinator pays personal attention into the entire loading process assuring safe and sound forwarding of your goods.

Destination Services:

Customer Clearance : We take care of all the customs formalities such as Inspection, documentation, and clearance.

Transportation to the Local Address : After customs clearance we determine and arrange for the best mode of transport to your final destination.

Unloading & Unpacking : Our partner’s team at your destination takes care of unloading, unpacking and assembling back the furniture and items and also placing as per your wishes.

Clearing of Debris : Once unpacking and reassembly is completed we take care to clear out the debris from your premises and dispose it properly.


Dubai, UAE United Arab Emirates
Dubai, UAE

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