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SeQure Technologies

SeQure Technologies

We serve the MEA region as system integrator as well as the value added distributor by seQuring the technologies. SeQure approaches, invents innovatively and fixes all business bound technology in an organization leaving no room for better options.

We are driven by simplicity and deliverance of Commitment & Quality to our clients. SeQure immensely values in giving prime importance to achieve our business goals through winning over our customer’s needs and requirements. Therefore our boundaries of technicality extend much beyond than just doing business, to that of thriving for excellence through Bonding->Building->Binding of strategic relationships.

The Uniqueness of our product lines coupled with the diversities of our services won us a firm platform in regions of Middle East and Africa (MEA). Adding on to our list of offices, we also have our presence in UK, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar.


– Virtual Assistant
– Queue Management System
– IT Infrastructure
– Enterprise Storage Systems
– Visitor Counting Solution
– Fuel Management Solutions
– Information Security

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is a next generation digital signage solution that is designed to enhance both the customer experience and the company brand. The Tensator Virtual Assistant uses cutting edge technology to project an image and create the illusion of a real person, acting as an interactive informational and instructional tool for space owners.

Queue Management System

For a world which revolves around the customers today, Queue management systems is a breakthrough for the poor queue congestions which apparently , not only creates customer frustration but is also directly proportional to the declined levels of the two “ P’s “ – Productivity and Profitability of any organization. In short, it is a tiring and disagreeable activity – standing in line doing nothing and same time having to let lose all your hard earned achievements.

IT Infrastructure Services

Companies turn to SEQURE TECHNOLOGIES Infrastructure Services consulting for strategic thought leadership in the evaluation and planning of infrastructure technology and services. Our approach to infrastructure is business-centric: we connect with your people, processes and technology to design a more flexible and cost-effective infrastructure more in tune with your business goals. Our team’s deep experience in infrastructure management consulting, virtualization technologies and cloud-based applications can go a long way toward helping you create a more collaborative, flexible and global organization.

IT Service Management

Enterprise storage Solution- NetApp
NetApp as the name suggests, creates innovative products such as storage systems and softwares that help customers around the world store to preserve their data and keep it “ Netted”. They are recognized for crossing the boundaries of today’s technology by which the customer’s concerns of money saving and achieving success have mutually joined hands.

Net App always finds ways to enable their customers to do things they couldn’t do before at a speed they never thought possible. With their technologies, customers are able to:

Visitor Counting Solution – PassCheck

We provide Visitor analysis in all aspects. Visitor analysis improve overall Performance and Profits for Retail and Shopping Malls. Generally this will be in the form of:

– Reduced operational costs
– Improved tenant/client mix
– Increased revenues
– Labour optimization
– Improved in-store environment
– Better and easier property/Sales management
– Faster return of investment, etc.

Fuel Management Systems:

Sensile Technologies is active in the M2M (machine to machine) market and is a leading provider of M2M solutions for remote monitoring of tanks and meters for the oil & gas industry. Sensile solution provides:

– Optimized logistics and purchases of fuel, gasoline, LPG and lubricants
– Improved customer service and binding
– The assurance that tanks will never run dry
– Reduction of Fuel wastage
– Continuous over-sight of fuel levels
– Eliminate the need for manual measurements
– Avoid breakdowns due to a lack of fuel

We are the distributors for Sensile products in Middle East and Africa. Joining hands with Sensile, being the only leading Fuel management Company based in Switzerland, Web based fuel managements paired with SMS & Email facilities and elimination of human errors by automating fuel captures have been easy of tasks.

Information security

Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest growing IT security vendors in the world. Firmly positioned as one of the top four leading antivirus vendors.

One of the primary advantages of Kaspersky Lab’s corporate range is the easy, centralized management provided by Kaspersky Security Center that extends to the entire network regardless of the number and type of platforms used.


Dubai, UAE United Arab Emirates
Umm Ramool, Dubai, UAE

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