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Dream Cool Air Condition Systems LLC

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Dream Cool Air Condition Systems LLC

Dream Cool Air Condition Systems

If you are looking for Air condition repairing, service or installation by professional and trained technical staff. Then you are at the right place.

Dream Cool Air Condition systems llc is a national UAE company founded in 2003 with over 12 years of excellence and distinction.

Dream cool persist in contributing the customers with excellent quality of service and the best value for their money. We not only want to exist as the leaders of our business, but be there in the top-notch of this highly competitive market. We crave to give the best.

The ideas and efficient skills of our highly professional personnel or pure maestros, have not only made the company to enter into the level of innovation but gave an Authentic recognition to the efforts made in the past to become a Non-parallel organization in its own caliber. We have achieved in augmenting new horizons with our widened range. And this fulfillment has provided us identification and a steadfast position in this Global scenario.

Dream cool care about business by fast response, emergency services and an extensive commercial service. It makes us your first choice in each and very kind of air conditioning works.

Dream cool is very old in air conditioning services that is why we don’t  have huge over head cost like big franchises. we like to do maintenance and installation job in low cost. This is the reason that we are getting more and more customers day by day.

Dream Cool has served a broad range of clients and established a solid reputation with its dedicated principles, creative Air conditioning, skilled engineers and effective project management. As a team we believe that the key ingredient to our successful business practice is rooted in our client satisfaction, services and meeting their milestone.

Dream Cool is providing all kind of services regarding split and central air conditioning such as installation, maintenance, services, yearly maintenance contracts and all kind of ducting work.

Dream cool air condition systems llc is ready to face any challenge regarding air conditioning and ducting work.

Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems InstallationInstitution

Dream Cool Air Condition Systems llc has proven to be one of the leading contractors in Air Conditioning & Ventilation systems in the region since it’s incorporate for the past 11 years. Component performance and reliability has gained us good reputation in the entire emirates within a short time. In this division Dream Cool undertakes the Air Conditioning & Ventilation works as Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning for all the Commercial, Residential and Offices building, Showrooms, Stores, Warehouses, Villas and others.

Dream cool is specialized in several contracting areas of air conditioning where we have designed, executed, installed and maintained air condition systems to the complete requirement of the customers to their satisfaction. The commitment of our, righteously satisfies to the needs of the customers. With this devotion we assure you the best quality service, and that is because of the indication we hold of our clients and ours too.

Dream cool has laid down for itself certain guidelines in order to maintain its edge in highly competitive market. Constant objective has been to improve the quality and range of its service to ensure complete customer satisfaction

Dream cool shall strive to maintain the quality standards by usage of the specified and approved quality materials, deployment of skilled and experienced manpower, modern machinery and equipment and by strictly following quality assurance methods and procedures.

Dream cool shall ensure completion of the projects as scheduled by timely deployment of resources, procurement of materials, monitoring the progress, coordinating its activities with the activities of other agencies involved and by complying with the directions of the Management/Project Consultants/Main Contractor

Dream cool shall execute its operations at all times in such a manner as to ensure Health, Safety and Welfare of all its employees and all persons involved in its operations including its Clients, Sub-Contractors and the general public. The company is also committed to the environmental conservation.

Dreams project teams are fully skilled and updated with the installation method for the new systems by a training session under a supervision of professional and expert engineers.

Dream cool is specialized in All type of installation of air conditioners. Like Central air conditioners, Package type air conditioners, Ducted split type air conditioners and split type air conditioners.

Air Condition Systems Maintenance

Dream cool air condition systems Maintenance division specializes in providing preventive maintenance and periodical servicing of the all Electromechanical Services under annual maintenance contract for Commercials Residential, Offices Building, Showrooms , Stores Warehouses, Schools , Hotels & Villa’s and others.

Maintenance division undertakes repair and rectification of all types of AC equipments like Chillers, Ducted Split units, Package units & Decorative split units.

We have a trained & dedicated facilities management team who can be stationed at the site in order to render the maintenance jobs promptly & effectively.

Our team is equipped with well qualified technicians offering services to attend any breakdown / Complaint within a short span of time as per the complaint registered.

You can get our services by yearly maintenance contract or repair on call also. We undertake all your problem and worries regarding air conditioning. So you do not have to worry about your home, office, hospital, work place, shed, flat or building. Just give us a call and have nice dream we will keep you cool.

Dream cool air condition systems llc deals in all kind of air conditioners like

– Chillers

– Fan coil units

– Air handling units

– Split type air conditioners

– Ducted split air conditioners

– Package type air conditioners

– All kind of duct works of Air conditioning

Central AC

Dream Cool Air Condition Systems llc has proven to be one of the leading contractors in Air Conditioning & systems in the region since it’s incorporate for the past 11 years.

Component performance and reliability has gained us good reputation in the entire emirates within a short time.

In this division we can provide all kind of services from a to z. Means we are specialized in doing maintenance, servicing and installation. Our special teams are always ready to help you in case of any break down, maintenance or regular services to keep your air conditioner running for longer periods. On one call you get all you need for your air conditioners maintenance. Mostly we are having a lot of spare parts with us to run the faulty air conditioner on the same time. But in some cases if don’t have that part which is required then we can bring and replace that part as soon as possible. We always think from our customer point of view. That is why we are getting more customers day by day.

In the Installation side we already have very professional and dedicated teams. Which can do the installation in very professional and efficient way. During this customers do not have to worry about any thing. We take all the things on us.

Split AC

Dream cool air condition systems llc also specialized in split type air conditioners and also having a lot of experience in Installing, servicing, repairing, gas charging, trouble shouting, commissioning and shifting.

On one call special services and affective cleaning of split air conditioners using water pressure technique (for both outdoor and as well as indoor units) to ensure better cooling and bacteria / dust free environment at an affordable cost. This service is available in Dubai from only few reputed companies. Our fully trained teams are ready to serve you batter then the best.

Dream cool has a nucleus of highly competent and skilled work force having a very practical and professional approach in solving split type air conditioning problems.

We are specialized in even installation and shifting of split type air condition. Our team carry work at your place like doing work at there own place and talk care about each and every thing. ensure to keep place neat and clean. Takes care about your walls, painting and all goods which are surrounded.


Ducts are used in Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) to deliver the supply air and transit the return air and remove the exhaust air. As such, air ducts form a medium through which a conditioned air is transferred to an ambient space therein achieving acceptable indoor air quality and ensuring suitable thermal comfort.
Dream cool have a lot of experience of ducting work at all types of projects Residential & Commercial Building, Schools, Hotels Warehouses, Luxury Villa’s and others.

Our team is exceptionally professional and finishes the projects with the time frame and we are having thousand of satisfied customers in ducting fields. Now a days there are two types of ducts which are commonly used. First kind is of G I (galvanized iron) and second is pre insulated.


Dream cool air condition systems llc is having lot of experience of Chillers maintenance, servicing and repairing.

A chiller is a machine that removes heat from a liquid via a vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. This liquid can then be circulated through a heat exchanger to cool air or equipment as required. As a necessary byproduct, refrigeration creates waste heat that must be exhausted to ambient or, for greater efficiency, recovered for heating purposes. Concerns in design and selection of chillers include performance, efficiency, maintenance, and product life cycle environmental impact.

In air conditioning systems, chilled water is typically distributed to heat exchangers, or coils, in air handling units or other types of terminal devices which cool the air in their respective space(s), and then the water is re-circulated back to the chiller to be cooled again. These cooling coils transfer sensible heat and latent heat from the air to the chilled water, thus cooling and usually dehumidifying the air stream. A typical chiller for air conditioning applications is rated between 15 and 150 short tons (13 and 134 long tons; 14 and 136 t) (180,000 to 18,000,000 BTU/h or 53 to 5,275 kW), and at least one manufacturer can produce chillers capable of up to 6,000 tons of cooling. Chilled water temperatures can range from 35 to 45 В°F (2 to 7 В°C), depending upon application requirements.

Dream cool have thousands of satisfied customers in this field also. Just you have to call us and leave all worries on us.

Annual Contracts

Dream cool air condition systems llc offers Annual contracts at very affordable prices. And it costs very low as compare to regular repairing cost. If you make yearly maintenance contract then you do not have to worry about any thing. you just have to sit back and leave all worries for us.

We have to take care about each and every thing in Yearly maintenance contract. All brake down calls will be attended with in twenty four (24) hours, cleaning of air filters every two months, inspection of air conditioner to avoid any damage every three months and servicing the air conditioner after every six months. In this case you do not have to pay for any part, gas, servicing, compressors and even labor charges.

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Dubai, UAE United Arab Emirates
Damascus Road, Al Qusais Industrial Area 1, Dubai

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