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Marvel Aquarium

Are you planning to buy one aquarium for you home? An aquarium offers a positive energy and refreshes your mind.

INCREDIBLE attachment between animals-let it be much evolved or primitive-plants and human beings is the rule of nature. The strong desire of man to have a self reliant aquarium fish in dubaipeaceful living atmosphere before him to soothe his turbulent soul must have led to the concept of AQUARIUMS. What else can bring happiness and solace to the environ of a home than the ever-moving, lovely, colorful little creatures like fishes.

Chinese and Japanese were the first to realize it. Fishes were kept as ornamental additions to the AESTHETIC surroundings, particularly as pool fishes as opposed to indoor aquarium fishes. There was a steady stream of fish keeping henceforth with the spread of the goldfish first into Holland and then into Germany. Egyptians held fishes in high regard, even certain species were worshipped as deity. Now, we are also much exposed to the world of ornamental fish keeping.

AN AQUARIUM CAN DO WONDERS Ever wondered why it has been increasingly in vogue to have professionally-set and beautifully-created aquariums, both at home and workplaces? As you must have experienced, in addition to the aesthetic appeal it adds, a well-set aquarium elevates one’s mood time and again.

Be it freshwater or marine, recreated in its true splendour and stunning beauty, aquariums have become an indispensable part of home and office decor these days. No wonder, you find even governments start setting up huge aquariums for the public viewing.

Marvel Aqua Systems(MAS) 30 years in aquascaping Founded way back in 1986 by K. M. Hamza, a graduate in fisheries science from the famed Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS), Marvel Aqua Systems, with their unique cutting-edge technology and professional experience, has come a long way in developing aquascaping into a fine art.

That’s why you will find numerous installations of Marvel Aqua Systems all across India. Designer and tailor-made aquariums suitable for homes, shops, offices, hospitals, hotels & resorts, recreation clubs and other public and private places it’s an uncountable collection of lively beauties.

Our Products

Plasma Aquarium Plug and Play wall-mounted aquarium series

These aquariums are made of high quality glass supported by an elegant frame made of marine plywood. They come in different dimensions which can be easily fixed to any wall without compromising on floor space. Be it rocky or planted aquascape, these aquariums are a visual delight instilling a positive energy to the interior.

Pedestal Aquarium

Aquariums of different dimensions and shapes which snugly fit into a well-crafted wooden cabinet and hood made of high quality wood like rosewood, mahogany or teak are ideal for mono-species aquariums for fishes like Arowana, Flowerhorn, Oscar etc. These aquariums are also suited for creating biotope aquariums with our skilled staff who are trained to do the installation, aquascaping and commissioning to the full satisfaction of our valuable customers.

Planted Aquarium

Watching a shoal of beautifully coloured fishes swim through the intricate spaces in a fully planted aquarium brings pleasant thoughts of peace and tranquillity. Efficient filtration, proper lighting, supplemented with nutrient-enriched substrate base, trace elements, micro nutrients and controlled carbondioxide diffusion is needed for luxuriant growth of these aquatic plants. Our specially trained staff with technical background and artistic flair will help you to create a planted aquarium of unique and unparalleled beauty.

Marine Aquarium

Marine underwater world with its beautifully coloured fishes, invertebrates, corals and other organisms is exciting yet complex with inter-specific relationships and water quality requirements. To recreate this magnificence in the confinement of an aquarium is a compelling task which requires specialised knowledge about water quality parameters, sophisticated filtration equipment, lighting, food and feeding habits and above all, their specific inter-relationships which help them to survive themselves and support others. We at Marvel Aqua Systems take pride in specialising in this, for this has been our passion for decades now.

Koi /Garden Ponds

A beautifully designed Koi pond can transform a garden into a marvellous retreat that appeals to all our senses. Efficient filtration with UV treatment creates excellent environment for high quality Japanese grade Koi carps. A fountain or beautiful water cascade can add music to the visual bonanza.

Fish Spa or Pedicure Ponds

Take a break! Let the Doctor fish in your spa tickle your feet, tingle your senses, invigorating and refreshing after a hard day’s work. Our Fish Spa with its efficient sump filtration and ultraviolet sanitation provides high quality clean water and can be installed with ease at any place you choose.

Feng Shui Aquarium

Feng shui aquariums are beautiful and auspicious because they bring a harmonious combination of several wealth attracting feng shui factors, as well as perfect balance of 5 feng shui elements. We, at Marvel Aqua Systems, are well-equipped and trained to design and install various types of feng shui aquariums to help you become healthy, wealthy and prosperous.

Marvel Aqua Systems A 360В° backup for maintenance

i) Technically trained staff for regular maintenance of your aquarium and ponds
ii) Laboratory facilities and disease management strategies to ensure healthy flora and fauna devoid of parasites and pathogens
iii) High level of quarantine and conditioning procedures to ensure good survival
iv) More than two decades of experience in designing of marine as well as planted aquaria
v) Good supply chain linkages throughout the world to ensure consistent supply of wide variety of aquatic organisms and accessories
vi) Technical competence in farming, rearing and disease management of fresh water and marine ornamental fishes
vii) Excellent carpentry workshop for wooden panelling and manufacture of custom-designed aquarium cabinets

Our major services: Water changes | Gravel vacuuming | Water chemistry testing | Cleaning of outside and inside of aquarium | Change or clean chemical filtration Change, clean, or replace overflow filter pads | Empty protein skimmer collection cup and clean reactor chamber | Clean glass covers and light fixtures of salt and algae deposits | Check food inventory | Add any necessary chemicals trace elements and vitamins | Replacement of any equipments

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Dubai, UAE United Arab Emirates

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