How can I publish the add?


Register a personal account here, or click  Login with Social Profile to system using one of social profiles like :



Is Hotline UAE Classifieds free service or I need to pay?


Hotline UAE Classifieds is a Free Service available to Personal and Corporate use in UAE and other related countries. Your adverts for any of presented categories are free for up to 90 days. You may wish to extend it free for another 60 days and so on with no limits!


Are there chargeable options?


Yes, you may publish you advert for more than 60 days instantly (a year or even 10 years), put your advert to be "First" or "Special", or add additional images to your advert on top of already 6 free included. Those options are available using Paypal or using "points system". Please read about points below.


 What are points and how can I use them?


Points packages could be purchased using Paypal and spend on promoting your adverts. There are 10, 100 and 1000 points packages available. The bigger package you select - the cheaper price per point you get!
Note: You need to be logged in to Hotline Classifieds to be able to purchase points packages.


 How Long can my advert be published?


There are no limitations imposed on advert duration. Just  a common sense - publishing advert  in category "Cars" will be in most cases 30 or 60 days sufficient as you will hopefully sell your car by this time, when publishing advert about the "Services" your company is providing require more duration as information will be still valid even after some time! 


How to promote my advert?


1) Use options that interface provide you - "First" will put your advert on top of search lists, "Special" will make sure your advert appear in Featured Image Slider, putting more photos or images of your item will definitely allow people to understand more about the item posted!

Promotion First

2) Let your friends know about your advert - click on icon of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin or any other social network available (293+ options are there!) of your choice and share your advert instantly in your social profile. Ask your friends do the same! 

, where 10 indicates how many times the item been shared!

3) Put as much correct information as possible. Most of the fields in adverts are not required, thought filling them will increase your chances to be found!


How to include video in my advert?


Just include direct link to Youtube or Vimeo video as in below example:


My advert is not published, why?


Your advert may not be published cause of pre-moderation of your advert is still not yet done or because advert is not compatible with the "Terms and Conditions" of Hotline UAE Classifieds. Moreover, we do not provide guaranties that your advert will be published, or published exactly as you post it - we may modify some information if fell required.

Please note the following adverts and categories will not be published at all and not even be considered - please find other place in the internet for those:


  • Black magic offerings and related 
  • Escorting and "massaging" services
  • Fortune telling
  • Money "laundering" and "cleaning" services
  • Money lending and other related services
  • Anything we have found out is against common sense and against current legislation of the United Arab Emirates


In some cases your advert may be archived for review of the concerned entities, so mind what you publish please.


I am not inside United Arab Emirates - can I post advert?


Yes, you are most welcome, thought please do keep in mind that site is targeted to Local UAE community.


I am interested in auto-integration with my advert source to Classifieds!


Please contact us here. We are already working with many information providers to make sure we are updated with the latest and most accurate available information.


I find inappropriate content published - how can I help?


Please do use Abuse button on the advert you feel is Abusive or Incorrect! We will receive the message instantly and take appropriate actions if needed.


I found a bug or have a suggestion - what should I do?


Please contact us here.


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